Our Schools

TEST establishes and runs non-selective Christian schools that reflect the local community, welcoming pupils of all faiths and no faith, but whose parents embrace the following:

  • Christian values
  • High standards of care
  • Close monitoring of behaviour
  • A strong sense of aspiration


  • Establish high standards of literacy and numeracy as a key priority.
  • Re-inforce the value and worth of the individual child, to develop a positive self-image and a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • Equip pupils to overcome disadvantages or additional learning needs and prepare them to achieve success and for each to reach their full potential.

Our schools value, emphasise and promote:

  • Good behaviour in a caring environment
  • Development of appropriate spiritual, moral and social awareness 
  • High academic attainment and progress
  • Development of the whole person

“A whole school teaches in three ways: By what it teaches, By how it teaches, By the kind of place it is.”